Unlocking True Potential for 20+ Years

Our company was founded in 2003 by Dr. Jillian Roberts: best-selling author, community advocate, registered psychologist with expertise in child clinical/school psychology, loving wife and devoted mother of 3. For more than two decades Dr. Roberts has provided countless families with clinical assessment services, invaluable supports and resources, and better understandings of  each unique mind. Dr. Roberts laid the foundation of her practice on key principles to ensure clients receive the same virtue, compassion, and integrity she would wish for her own family’s care.

In 2023 Dr. Jillian Roberts Psychology Corporation officially rebranded into MindKey Health Inc. and extended further into Southern Vancouver Island with the openings of our Sidney and Westshore locations. In the trusted hands of the CEO, Parkside Clinic Director, and RCC Jennifer Gauthier, Dr. Roberts has stepped back into a supervisory role overseeing our Doctoral Residents as they complete their residency and comprehensive training at MindKey Health. After 20 years of thoughtful consideration Dr. Roberts established the MindKey Health Clinical Compass, which outlines the 7 pillars that build and balance our highest-quality practice standards and guide MindKey Health’s mission.
MindKey Health Clinical Compass
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