What we believe

Our team believes that our brains are not fixed and we can always grow and change. This refers to the idea of neuroplasticity. Through experience and learning we can modify, change, and adapt our brains. For individuals who struggle with weak executive functioning (i.e., difficulty regulating emotions, behaviours, and cognitions), attentional challenges, or school difficulties (e.g., poor study skills) coaching can be a helpful way to learn new skills to approach life and tasks differently.


ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching

Do you or your child struggle to inhibit behaviours, regulate motivation, or find time management difficult? An ADHD coach can assist with developing strategies to compensate for challenges and build upon strengths. They meet you where you are at and help set future goals. A coach helps you with accountability, follow through, and provides support and resources to help individuals achieve success and develop confidence in their abilities.

Learning Strategies

Developing good work habits and study skills are helpful for positive high school and post-secondary experiences. These skills translate to useful life habits, such as being organized, managing work load and prioritizing tasks, and having good time management. Individuals with learning disabilities can particularly benefit from learning strategies to help compensate for their difficulties and learn skills to approach and chunk down academic tasks.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a coach and a counsellor?

A coach is someone who works with the now and the future, whereas a counsellor often discusses the past to discuss patterns and triggers. A coach provides helpful skills and strategies to approach tasks and overcome weakness.

What is the difference between a coach and a learning strategist?

Our learning strategists are trained in house and are often university students. Our coaches belong to coaching organizations and have more years of educational and vocational experience. Learning strategists work with younger students to help with how to approach homework assignments and understand learning tasks. Coaches are better suited for learning skills to approach life tasks.

How much does a coach charge?

A one hour session is $125

How much does a learning strategist charge?

A one hour session is $50

Can I submit to my insurance?

It will depend on your insurance, though most do not cover coaching or learning strategies. If you have a health spending account it may be covered.

Is there a way to trial a session?

Yes, both coaches and learning strategies offer a 30 minute no charge meet and greet session to see if it is a right fit for you.

Are sessions online or in person?

Currently, coaching sessions are fully online,though exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances. Learning strategies can be either online or in person.