Why you should know how a learning strategist can help you

Students may have any number of challenges that interfere with their learning. Regardless of formal diagnosis, all students can benefit from adding additional tools to their academic tool kit and practicing new methods. Some students need additional practice of academic subjects and to learn new strategies on how to approach new problems. Others need help with organization and how to approach tasks. Although a learning strategist is different than a tutor, there is overlap in several areas including utilizing assistive technology, breaking down assignments into manageable chunks, and creating study materials. Unlike a tutor, a learning strategist does not need to be knowledgeable in a certain subject area to help a student with their learning. Instead, they can help provide insight and understanding of the areas that students find challenging and the areas likely requiring additional strategies. All students can learn how to learn.

A learning strategist can understand a learning profile and tailor strategies that will be of best fit. Some areas of challenge that a learning strategist can help with include:

  • Planning and organization;
  • Studying and notetaking;
  • Test prep/test anxiety;
  • Motivation and time management;
  • Goal setting;
  • Reading and writing; and,
  • Accepting help.

All students can benefit from learning how to learn and becoming a self-regulated learner is a skill that will be beneficial during all stages of life. Acquiring skills and strategies to help them approach learning in an organized and efficient manner can help make schoolwork less of a chore.

Book in today with a learning strategist and determine for yourself the benefits of  targeted learning strategies, study skills, and direct assistance with executive functioning challenges.