IEP consultation

What does an IEP consultant do?

An IEP consultant can provide you with information to fully understand the IEP process. The information an IEP consultant gives you allows you to participate in making educational decisions for your child as a fully contributing member of the team. Your IEP consult can help you understand the full range of options available to you and communicate with your child’s IEP team effectively. These services can have several beneficial outcomes for you and your family. Getting help from an IEP consultant can assist you in reducing stress and overwhelm. It can also help your child make more progress, improve their skills, and feel fully invested in the learning process!

An IEP consultant for MindKey Health can help you in several ways, including providing you with information, helping you to communicate effectively, and helping you to understand the full range of options available to you post-psycho-educational assessment. Below are some of the things we can help your family with:

  • Inform you about what to expect with IEP meetings and supports so you can advocate effectively
  • Understand jargon and acronyms used in IEPs and Inclusive Education
  • Plan what to ask for in the IEP meeting and/or review the IEP document after the meeting to ensure your child’s needs are being met
  • Help you interpret assessments and other sources of data that will be used for the IEP
  • Prepare you for challenging conversations so you can better keep your emotions in check, and not have them cloud your judgement, during the IEP meeting
  • Communicate effectively with your IEP team through written and/or verbal communication before and during the IEP meeting
  • Know and understand the full range of available options for designations, funding, and supports from the Ministry of Education and what you should be asking for

The cost of a 1 hour session with an IEP consultant is $100/hr. Please contact our Westshore location to book.