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Our Parkside location is on the Mezzanine floor of the Parkside Hotel at 810 Humboldt St. For security reasons you will need to ask the front desk for a key card to access the elevator. Simply ask for a key card to go to the Mezzanine Level.

Phone: 250-370-0358
Fax: 250-370-0354
Email: [email protected]

Map location of Parkside office
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Our Sidney location is in the Albion Building at 2453 Beacon Ave, unit #309. There is an elevator accessible through the main doors and a key card is not required.

Phone: 778-400-8025
Email: [email protected]

Map location of Sidney office
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Our Westshore location is in the Belmont Market Plaza at 3046 Merchant Way, unit #126.

Phone: 778-402-7543
Email: [email protected]

Map location of Westshore office
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