File Review and Verification

Do you or your child have a diagnosis from a different jurisdiction that needs verifying?

Not all previous assessments are accepted by schools or medication professionals. As such, many require a BC registered psychologist to sign off on diagnoses before proceeding with supports. In this respect, we can review previous documentation to assess the professionals who initially diagnosed the condition as well as the proper protocol followed to verify the diagnoses. This verification process involves uploading previous reports, meeting with a psychologist to discuss the previous experience, and MindKey writing a letter of verification. The cost is $500.

Please note, at this time, we are unable to verify autism diagnoses, but we hope to offer this service sometime in the future.

Previous Diagnosis Verification

Information required to verify previous diagnoses that occurred out of jurisdiction.
  • DiagnosisYear Diagnosed 
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  • For example, the province or country.
  • Please also note their designation (registered psychologist, pediatrician, etc.)
    Submitting this form does not guarentee that MindKey Health will be able to verify a previous diagnosis