Online Coaching, Counselling and Learning Strategies

Executive Functioning/ADHD Coaching

Do you or your child struggle to inhibit behaviours, regulate motivation, or find time management difficult? An EF/ADHD coach can assist with developing strategies to compensate for challenges and build upon strengths. They meet you at your operating capacity, explore tools and resources to strengthen and expand your abilities, and help create goals to inspire progress and success. A coach can offer accountability, direction, and support to individuals of all ages, inspiring confidence, capability, and resiliency in the face of functional challenges.

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Online Counselling

A number of our Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC’s) offer counselling services online only. Online counselling can be an excellent option for those located remotely, those limiting in-person interactions, or for busy schedules squeezing in self-care.

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Learning Strategies

Developing good work habits and study skills are helpful for positive middle school, high school and post-secondary experiences. These skills translate to useful life habits, such as being organized, managing workload and prioritizing tasks, and having good time management. Individuals with learning disabilities can particularly benefit from learning strategies to help compensate for their difficulties and learn skills to approach and chunk down academic tasks.

Our learning strategist offers online and in-person appointments at our Parkside location.

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