Autism Assessment

Autism waitlist

Please note, at this time our autism assessment waitlist is closed for 2024. Please check back regularly for an update. We hope to re-open our bookings as soon as possible.

What is it?

An autism assessment provides parents, teachers, and allied professionals with specific information about a student’s unique needs and challenges. Autism can present differently in different individuals; however, typical markers of autism include difficulties with social communication and social interactions, restricted and/or repetitive patterns of behaviour, regulation challenges, and sensory issues. An autism diagnosis can open up a world of resources, funding sources, and community connections.

The assessment will involve a parent interview, an observation and diagnostic evaluation of the child’s functioning, a cognitive screening, and an assessment of adaptive functioning.

Upon the completion of testing, a report will outline the findings and be explained to the family. If the child meets criteria for a formal diagnosis then we can assist with next steps, such as completing forms and directing families to appropriate agencies. An important outcome of each assessment is a list of strategies and resources for helping students reach their true potential.

If it is found that the child does not meet criteria, we will provide two complimentary sessions with a registered clinical counsellor who has experience supporting families with behavior intervention. It may also be suggested that a psych-educational assessment be conducted at a later date to determine if learning related issues may be at the root of challenges. A $500 credit can be used towards this assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost covered by benefits?

Most benefits plans will offer psychological services. We recommend that you contact your insurer to find out what, and how much, is covered. We will provide you with an itemized invoice at the end of the assessment to provide to your extended medical insurance coverage.


What does an autism assessment cost?


Please note the cost of an assessment is due at the first appointment

What ages can be assessed?

We assess ages 6 and up.

Note, for children under age 6 they require a speech-language assessment, a paediatrician developmental assessment, as well as an assessment completed by a psychologist. If you need to find an SLP you can find a private practitioner here