Frequently Asked Questions

Lets create a safe and respectful space together

At MindKey Health we are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for our clients, our staff, and our clinicians. We recognize and empathize that stress levels can be high and that people who seek out support are often struggling. Please be mindful that verbal abuse, foul language, and raised voices will not be tolerated and may lead to dismissal from our clinic in order to preserve an environment of respect.

Psycho-educational assessment related questions:

How long does an assessment take?

A psycho-educational assessment consists of a series of appointments.  The first appointment is the intake meeting with the parents and the child and is 90 minutes. The two testing appointments are about 3-4 hours and are with the student and a psychometrist. The second testing day is often shorter, but this depends on several factors and the psychometrist will be able to let you know if they suspect the second day will be shorter at the end of the first testing day. The psychometrist works under the direction of registered psychologists to administer the tests.  The final appointment  to go over results is ~50 minutes long, and is typically 5 weeks after the final testing session.

At the final appointment you receive a copy of the report and the findings and recommendations will be discusses.

Is the cost covered by benefits?

Most benefits plans will offer psychological services. We recommend that you contact your insurer to find out what, and how much, is covered. We will provide you with an itemized invoice at the end of the assessment to provide to your extended medical insurance coverage.

Are there funding sources to help me pay for an assessment?

 If finances are difficult for you, try applying for a grant through the Variety foundation to access services: Private Assessment Grants.

Alternatively, if your child has Indigenous ancestry they may be able to apply for funding through Jordan’s Principle. 

How much does an assessment cost?

Child and teen assessments require 4 appointments, intake, two testing dates, and a share report date. The cost of an assessment is $3500.

Adult assessments require 4 appointments. Intake, two testing dates, and a share report date. The cost of an adult assessment is $3250.


How far in advance are you booking?

We typically book around six months in advance. Note, it is rare that clients cancel these appointments. As such, our cancellation list is currently at capacity and it is unlikely that we are able to move appointments earlier. Our sincere apologies.

Why do you require a deposit?

A deposit system has been put in place to ensure serious inquires take priority bookings and to reduce last minute cancellations. The $250 cost is non-refundable.

Once the deposit payment is received, the deposit will be kept on the client account as credit. Once the assessment intake is attended, the deposit may be used toward the total cost of the assessment (I.e. the total cost is $3500, the deposit is $250, the total outstanding is $3250).  

If the client chooses to cancel or reschedule the assessment, with more than 7 days before the scheduled initial appointment, the deposit is kept on the client account as credit. This credit may be used toward MindKey Health services, including but not limited to counselling, coaching, and future assessments at any MindKey Health location.  

If the assessment is cancelled or rescheduled within 7 days of the initial scheduled appointment, there is an additional $250- cancellation fee. This is also be kept on the client account and may be put toward a future assessment, or other MindKey Healthservices.  

Deposits can be made by credit card via Jane, e-transfer, or cash. Deposits must be paid in full within 48 hours of receiving the letter of confirmation.  

If the deposit has not been paid in full within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation letter, the appointment series is cancelled.  

If after the series is cancelled, and the deposit is paid, the appointments may be rebooked, provided they are available.  

If the deposit has not been paid within 48 hours, MindKey Health staff may offer the appointment series to other clients.  

Is there a discount if I chose to book in with a doctoral resident?

We are selective in choosing high quality doctoral residents who provide excellent care. As the processes is fully overseen (and signed off) by registered psychologists there is no discount.

What does working with a doctoral resident entail?

We are selective in choosing high quality doctoral resident who provide excellent care. They are near the end of their degree program working towards their registration to become a fully fledged psychologist in BC. They have specific training in administering and interpreting assessments and diagnosing psychological disorders.

The assessment process is fully overseen (and signed off) by a registered psychologist. This means that diagnoses are accurate and interpretations of findings have been approved by, and would be equivalent to what the supervising registered psychologist would have noted.

Can you do assessments in French?

Partially. The intake and the majority of the testing will be in English, as will most of the final report. However, we can conduct academic testing in French for students in French Immersion or Francophone schools and include French conclusions in the report. We utilize French speaking psychometrists for the French portions. There is no additional cost if you need to include French testing in the assessment. However, a 3rd testing session will need to be booked to include this additional measure.

Adult ADHD assessment related questions:

Is the cost covered by benefits?

Most benefits plans will offer psychological services. We recommend that you contact your insurer to find out what, and how much, is covered. We will provide you with an itemized invoice at the end of the assessment to provide to your extended medical insurance coverage.

What does an ADHD assessment cost?

$2100. The cost is due in full at the first appointment. Please note that we do not direct bill.

What ages can be assessed?


If you are currently in university or planning on attending university it is recommended to complete a full psycho-educational assessment to rule out any possible learning disabilities and processing challenges. If no learning challenges are present and/or if you are not in schooling then a shorter more ADHD focused assessment might be what you are after.

Counselling related questions:

Are your counsellors certified?

Our counsellors, apart from interns who are getting supervised, are registered clinical counsellors (RCCs). Additionally there are some counsellors who have their CCC or MSW designations.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

For counselling appointments, if you cancel within 24 hours notice please note you will be charged full price for these appointments.

For psycho-educational assessments, there is a charge of $500 if cancelled within two weeks of the scheduled start date. If cancelled with ample time there is no charge.

It is difficult to fill appointments when late cancellations happen. Please be mindful of your scheduling and respectful of our staff’s time.

What do your counsellors specialize in?

Please click on counsellor profiles to view types of therapy offered, specific clientele, specializations, and specific focus areas of treatment.

What is the difference between a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and a counsellor?

Good question!

A psychologist has studied psychology (typically) at the masters or doctoral level and has completed supervised placements, written exams, and are registered with a college. They are able to administer psychological assessments and provide diagnoses. They also can provide therapy.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental illness. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication. Although in the past, and in other parts of the world they provide therapy, psychiatrists in BC do not typically provide counselling.

A counsellor has a masters degree, and unlike a psychologist, does not conduct assessments or provide diagnoses. They focus on mental wellness and providing treatment.

Do your counsellors help with court situations?

Unfortunately, our counsellors do not engage in court dealings.

If you are looking for a counsellor who can help with a “hear the child”  interview you can find a roster of available professionals here:

Are your counsellors doing online or in person sessions?

Many of our counsellors are seeing clients in both formats and it can be your preference.

How young is too young for counselling?

We typically serve school-aged children and above.

Do you direct bill?

Unfortunately, no we do not direct bill insurance companies at this time. We will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider.

Are any of your counsellors approved FNHA service providers?

Yes, Stephen Roberts can take clients who are being funded by FNHA

Can I book online?

For returning clients you are able to book directly with your counsellor. For new clients please email [email protected] and we will connect you directly with a counsellor via email to set up an initial consult session.

Do you do family counselling? Can my whole family come to counselling?

Yes, we offer family counselling. Our counselling spaces are limited for size so it depends on how many members would be joining. Family counselling can be offered digitally if space might be an issue.

Do your counsellors use CBT? Do they treat anxiety? Depression? OCD?

Our counsellors often use a range of therapeutic styles best tailored to each individual client and their needs and goals. They all have experience treating various challenges. Please review their counsellor profiles for more information.

Coaching and learning strategy questions:

What is the difference between a coach and a counsellor?

A coach is someone who works with the now and the future, whereas a counsellor often discusses the past to discuss patterns and triggers. A coach provides helpful skills and strategies to approach tasks and overcome weakness.

What is the difference between a coach and a learning strategist?

Our learning strategists are trained in house and are often university students. Our coaches belong to coaching organizations and have more years of educational and vocational experience. Learning strategists work with younger students to help with how to approach homework assignments and understand learning tasks. Coaches are better suited for learning skills to approach life tasks.

How much does a coach charge?

A one hour session is $125

How much does a learning strategist charge?

A one hour session is $50

Can I submit to my insurance?

It will depend on your insurance, though most do not cover coaching or learning strategies. If you have a health spending account it may be covered.

Is there a way to trial a session?

Yes, both coaches and learning strategies offer a 30 minute no charge meet and greet session to see if it is a right fit for you.

Are sessions online or in person?

Currently, coaching sessions are fully online, though exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances. Learning strategies can be either online or in person.