Laurelle Inouye is a graduate of the UBC Organizational Coaching Program and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) focusing on Executive Function and ADHD Coaching.  Laurelle worked for 17 years in a local post secondary institution providing undergraduate academic advising and career development support.  In addition to her professional role supporting leaders and teams within the healthcare industry,  Laurelle is passionate about helping individuals with learning challenges and those with ADHD.  As an ADHD Coach with Mindkey Health, Laurelle provides academic coaching/learning strategies for youth as well as support for parents and caregivers of those with ADHD. She uses a collaborative, client-centred approach and uses practical strategies in her work including strengths-based learning, role-play, goal setting, organization and proven time management techniques. Please connect with Laurelle for a complimentary 30 minute session to explore if coaching is a fit for you.

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