Dr. Roberts supervises our Sidney doctoral residents and our Westshore doctoral resident, Kate Cluley. In this role, Dr. Roberts provides experienced guidance, knowledge and expertise ensuring all doctoral resident services are of the same high quality and excellence standard Dr. Roberts herself has provided for over 20 years.

Considered a go-to child psychology expert for journalists, Dr. Roberts is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Global News and the CBC. She is the author of two best-selling and award-winning series of children’s books. “Just Enough” explains topics like birth and diversity to children ages 3-6, while “The World Around Us” introduces kids ages 5-8 to issues like poverty and online safety. She is also the author of “Kids, Sex & Screens: Raising Strong, Resilient Children in the Sexualized Digital Age”, a book for parents seeking to help their preteens navigate our hypersexualized world.

In addition to being a highly sought after registered psychologist, tenured professor and author, Dr. Roberts is also a wife and a mom to three children.