Mary-Beth is recent West Coast transplant hailing from rural Nova Scotia. Though her educational background is in pure mathematics and physics, her professional experience spans widely and often centres on community and relationship building. While living in Halifax, Mary-Beth managed a local student food bank, solidifying her passion for local outreach and engagement. She played an active role in local Mutual Aid organizations and community support groups providing hot meals, firewood, and emergency supplies to unhoused neighbours.

Her experience in private psychology stems from her dedication to health care advocacy and accessibility. Later in Halifax, Mary-Beth managed a private psychology clinic that focused on therapy and counselling, particularly with PTSD and CPTSD. This opportunity provided Mary-Beth with significant experience in clinic management and client support services.

Now the Clinic Coordinator at MindKey Health, Mary-Beth is settling into her role, and Victoria, comfortably. When she isn’t whizzing around the Jane app, Mary-Beth enjoys writing, photography, and embroidery. Please note Mary-Beth needs to be home every day at 7:30pm for Jeopardy!