New Year: New Plan?

As another new year rolls in, many of us have commited to another round of new goals and resolutions for 2023. We may show great commitment and progress in the first days or even weeks, but often we notice our best intentions start to slip and quickly old habits begin to return again.

For those living with ADHD, it may be even more challenging to make goals and new habits stick. Enter the concept of an ADHD Coach! A coach, for many, can be an incredibly helpful resource to help you create effective goals and accountability measures.

ADHD coaching offers a unique and effective approach to a standard ADHD treatment plan. Coaching can be more flexible in structure (e.g. think meeting in a workplace or library) and more accessible than traditional forms of therapy (e.g. set up access to coach between sessions via phone, text, email) in order to boost engagement and accountability (Ahmann & Saviet, 2021).

So, if you are finding that your usual approach to achieving your New Year’s resolutions for work, life, and school may benefit from a new plan, consider an ADHD Coach to support you along the way.  Start with booking a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Laurelle to see how ADHD coaching can make a difference to you.


Ahmann, E, & Saviet, M. (2021). ADHD Coaching: Evolution of the Field. The ADHD Report, 6(29), 1-9.